4th place at Martinique Flying Regatta

The Martinique Flying Regatta was certainly the most beautiful event of the season: a magnificent site, turquoise water at 30° Celsius and a steady wind between 15 and 25 knots.


The body of water was particularly strategic with, on the ground, angles closer together with very regular pressures, and offshore, the pressure with gusts and more hollows. The rounds were very short (12 to 15 minutes) which made the departures particularly decisive and the manoeuvres had to be very clean.


The first day was difficult with two capsizes manoeuvring within 10 seconds of the start. I improved my performance as the competition progressed, winning two rounds, including one from start to finish. He particularly took the advantage of the starts, systematically reaching the first mark in the top three.


With 11 nationalities, the level was high and homogeneous. My training partners …